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2016 Design Techniques

Get the inside scoop on our design techniques for 2016.

Our On the Grid pattern uses intersecting lines to create a window pane effect. We love to fill these panes with beach icons and often use them as a background.

Mixology is the term used for combining several contrasting types of patterns into one design (for example, combining a floral pattern with a geometric pattern).

Fade to Stripes refreshes the 2015 trend by incorporating wide bands of color that are very similar in shades. Because the hue of these colors is so close, they appear to blend, or fade, into one another.

Our Color/Pattern Block designs go beyond standard color blocking to include contrasting patterns with solids.

The loosely painted Brushstrokes design is perfectly imperfect. These will be used as backgrounds as well as with motifs like flowers and leaves.

Our Stripes and Images line play together in perfect harmony.

Technicolor designs create striking looks using ultra-bright, nearly neon hues.

Palm prints that feature both trees and leaves in colors across the palette are currently up-trending.