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Fashion Trends

RIO is the recognized industry leader in what is onā€trend with the latest color palettes and patterns. We ensure that our beach fashion trends remain on point by forecasting the 2017 colors, techniques and trends.

2017 Fashion Trends

Check out which fashions are trending at the beach this year.

More than a stripe Paradise Awaits Summer Twist Palm Island

2017 Color Trends

Here are the 4 sets of color trends for 2017.

Beyond Bright

These are colors of the wild tropics. They are fun, bold, and flashy. Even stripes POP with this trend.
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Shades of gray

Bright colors pop off these gray backgrounds. Gender neutral gray is the new black.
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Indigo is a deep blue that can be used with brights for that deep rich feeling. Deeper blues are now trending.
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Color me cool

Inspired by blue skies, turquoise seas, and bright green jungle foliage. This cool palette works for all themes.
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2017 Design Icons

Read about our icons for our 2017 trends.