Color & Fashion Trends


Fashion Trends

RIO is the recognized industry leader in what is on‐trend with the latest color palettes and patterns. We ensure that our beach fashion trends remain on point by forecasting the 2016 colors, techniques and trends.

2016 Fashion Trends

Check out which fashions are trending at the beach this year.

Stripes Boho Beach Denim Sun Kissed

2016 Color Trends

Here are the 3 influential color trends we've identified for 2016.

True Colors

“True Colors” is a perfect mix of Americana flare and beachy fun.  It uses classic red, white, and blue tones, while also adding turquoise, royal blue, and orange into the mix. This trend is also gaining popularity with designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, and even Converse sneakers.
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Pool Party

Our “Pool Party” collection draws inspiration from the soothing effect of water, and concentrates on the classic blue and green palette that ranges from lime green to various shades of blue.
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Way to glow

“Way to Glow” celebrates the brightest colors across the spectrum. These bold, eye‐catching color combinations first gained popularity in sportswear fashion and now are taking off as sportswear begins to evolve into streetwear. We feel that these acidic bright colors finding their way into every day will be a hot addition to the beach scene in 2016.
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2016 Design Techniques

Read about our design techniques for our 2016 trends.